Motivation and right tools

American quality guru W. Edwards Deming was a passionate supporter of right tools in managing business processes. At his trainings he used to demonstrate why motivation without right tools costs nothing. First, he asked training participants (experienced professionals) to list all methods of motivation known to them on a whiteboard. Next, he invited a volunteer from the room, tied his eyes and gave him a bowl with white and red ping-pong balls. After that, he asked him to choose ten red balls. The volunteer, of course, could not succeed. Then Deming began to follow the list with motivation methods:
– Material motivation! I will give you 10 dollars if you choose only red balls!
– Negative material motivation! I will fine you 10 dollars if you choose at least one white ball!
– Emotional motivation! Johnny, I believe in you, you’re a tough guy! I know you will choose only red balls! Friends, let’s support him: “Johnny! Johnny! You can do it! ”
– Career motivation! I will persuade your boss to promote you if you choose only red balls!
– Motivation by the holiday! I will let you go home sooner, if you choose only red balls!
Obviously, none of the motivation methods helped the person to accomplish the task. And then Deming used to explain to the audience that the motivation at best gives an unstable result without right tools for doing the work.

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